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New Polyneucleotides Treatment – Introductory offer!


What Are They?

Polynucleotides are chains of DNA sourced from salmon or trout sperm DNA.
Quite new to aesthetic medicine, they have the ability to induce bio-regeneration within the skin! Capable of skin repair and rejuvenation with MINIMAL RISKS.
They can be used on the face, scalp and body.


Do They Work?

Once injected, the DNA fragments are quickly absorbed. They start to stimulate fibroblast cells to multiply, which leads to cell renewal, collagen and hydration. Watch that skin glow! You will notice your skin improves and wrinkles start to diminish!! They have amazingantioxidants and they have a function to heal scars, wounds and C sections👶🏻

Great for face, neck, décolleté and body, stretch marks and pigmentation.
The treatment is administered using a cannula or injection, with minor discomfort.
You can even use to repair loose skin and on the scalp for hair regrowth!

I’m honoured to be offering this astonishing new treatment at this price. Please bear in mind that this is a scientific breakthrough and an amazing treatment.

Special introductory offer:
  • Single Polynucleotide treatment: £180
  • Course of two treatments: £300


New treatments for 2024

Happy new year for 2024!

I have some exciting new treatments to offer this year:

Anti-wrinkle injections using Azzalure & Botox:

This is ideal for lunchtime treatments as they are quick and non invasive.
Press pause on wrinkles… you won’t be disappointed!

I am now also offering advanced anti-wrinkle treatments;

  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Azzalure)
    • 1 area £120
    • 2 area’s £180
    • 3 area’s £200
      • Bunny lines £60
      • Brow lift £70
      • Nose slimming £80
      • Tinkerbell nose flick £70
      • Lip flip £75
      • Hyperhidrosis (under arms sweating) £290
      • Pebble chin £80
      • Gummy smile £90
      • Platysmal neck bands £260
      • Teeth grinding (Botox) £180

Skin boosters

Injectable moisturisers to help plump and hydrate and tighten sagging skin. Great for neck, chest and face

Skin boosters £125

Skin booster Injectable moisturisers: Neck treatment – Before and After

Lip Fillers:

To enhance and give volume or to reshape lips, whether your looking for subtle or full lips, we have fillers for all

Lip fillers £180 – 1ml

Cheek Fillers:

To add volume to lost fat pads, due to age or sleeping, can greatly give youthful definition

Cheek fillers £180

Nose Augmentation:

Not happy with your nose shape? Why not enhance and fill any lumps or bumps to give a straighter nose, or even add to give a tinkerbell little nose.

Non-surgical Nose Augmentation from £220


Nose Augmentation

Upgrade to the Salon

Once situated in our family home, our Aesthetics and Beauty Salon has now moved to a thoroughly redesigned garden studio, Converting our garden shed into a professional salon  took a bit of work!
From smashing down an interior wall and re-boarding and plastering as well as installing a safe new electric and water supply, the cabin has been transformed!

The new salon has its own entrance, everything is pristine and hygiene is top-notch.  The design of the new salon is based on nature, with wood and trailing ivy to create a calm natural environment. Jojo has a deep love for her animals and you may see her friendly dogs roaming about the grounds outside.  Because of her passion for animals you will see only vegan and cruelty-free products here.

Opening event for former student Anna

Opening event for former student Anna who has opened her own funky vibe salon!! So proud of her , also Mollie and Lou also previous students who are all smashing it !!! Remember you are all winning either salons, cabins in your garden (like me) or even at home!!! YOU can do it?

Having trained so many girls that have now opened their salons and feeling proud !! Once again invited to a big open evening of another girl I trained. I remember her model was my own mother on the course who gave her a £5 tip, she’s come a long way and smashing it like others. THINK big dreams come true. ???

I do have to add to this post that opening a salon, opening a garden building or even having a set space in your home Is still WINNING! I train 100’s of students from my garden cabin and each student gets 100% of me!

My experience using two fat dissolving products

So, I decided to do fat dissolving under my chin that stubborn pouch of fat. I’ve got my bottled water to drink, to help flush out the fat through the lymphatic system!! Results are permanent! To help the process and for good results, it helps to eat steady and drink lots!!

  • What to expect?? Swelling, redness and possibly bruising immediately after, this is normal and can last for a week or so and sore to the touch!
  • What to avoid? Hot showers,baths for 24 hrs, creams or exfoliating for a week and don’t exercise for a while! Remember if your spending money to remove fat then why try and sweat the product out!!
  • How many sessions will you need? I’m afraid this varies 1-3 but sometimes more! It starts to work immediately!

I have two fat dissolving injection products:

  • AQUALAX (every 4 weeks)
  • MESO SLIM (every 2 weeks)

Both are very effective. Come for a consultation and find out more.

  • AQUALAX absolutely not for diabetic’s, pregnant or breast feeding some other contra-indications on consultation
  • MESO SLIM ok for type 2 diabetes

Please feel free to message me 
Prices are £200 per area, however for packages I can give considerable discounts for use in pictures

I will keep you updated with my own results

Love Jojo x

Fat dissolving injections

 Injectable fat and cellulite dissolving is suitable for stubborn areas of fat and cellulite that you cannot get rid of or struggle to tackle just through diet and exercise.

Used to remove localised fat deposits from body contour, abdominal folds, upper arms, under chin, thighs, buttocks, knees and waist. It is recommended for people who are of normal weight or slightly over, but who have localised areas of fat and for people wishing to optimise and maintain the results of a fat reduction treatment.

  • Fat dissolving: £200 per area or £350 for two areas
  • Larger areas (upper arm/lower belly etc) price available upon consultation.

This is not a weight loss treatment.