What’s the difference between gel and acrylic extensions?

The main difference is the application and how they set; one uses a monomer to harden, and the other uses a nail lamp. Both are good for nails, and will not damage them, as long as professional products and safe removal are used

Do gel and acrylic nails ruin your nails?

No. Going to a professional who uses a kind, safe product on your nails, and also having gel and acrylic nails removed professionally will not ruin your nails.

Why do I have some white spots on my nails? Do I need more calcium?

No. You do not need calcium, white marks are often caused by trauma to the nails. If you want to take a supplement I recommend taking zinc

Can gel polish damage your nails?

Yes, it can if it is peeled and picked. This can strip layers off the natural nail causing damage and thinning. I recommend professional removal at all times

Do my nails need a break to breath?

No. Our nails do not breathe. However I do recommend using a cuticle oil to nourish them

Can you do acrylic nails on a child?

Most insurance will not cover anyone under the age of 14, regardless of the parents permission. If your child is able to go to a non-standard nail bar and get acrylics, then that is a concern. Any person under 16 is still classed as a minor and would need a parent present for all treatments

Will Dermaplaning make my hair grow back thicker and darker?

No. The hair on your face is called vellus hair and not terminal hair like body hair. Removing peach fuzz will only grow back as peach fuzz,

Is a pedicure necessary?

Having a pedicure gives health benefits. Soaking, trimming correctly and smoothing calluses, as well as a foot massage can give you an overall feel good factor

Do you recommend professional facials?

Yes. Day-to-day life, pollution, stress and of course sun can damage our skin. Having a facial can deep-clean the skin, extracting blocked pores and renewing the skin’s surface, as well as reducing stress and promoting blood circulation.

Do I really need a SPF? (Sunscreen)

Yes. 80% of all skin cancers are associated with sun exposure and sunbeds. I advise clients to wear one suitable for their skin. For instance, if you’re olive-skinned or dark use a 30 factor sunscreen, but if you have lighter, fairer skin, then use at least 40+. You should wear it all year round, even in winter. You will be surprised how much UVA and UVB penetrates the skin.

Is JoJo’s training 1-2-1 or in groups?

My training is only 1-2-1 at the salon. I believe I can offer better training by focusing on one student, and they are more likely to enjoy and be more productive in their course. I offer inclusive training for all levels, and I offer flexibility for busy mums.