How to Care for your Nails

  1. How do I remove my gel polish?

    Gel polish should be removed by a professional, however there are times when you are not able to see one! So here are some step by step to safely remove gel polish:

    1. Buff nails with a 180 grit file to remove the top gel and get into polish layers
    2. Soak pads with acetone (can be bought at pharmacy). Do not use nail polish remover as it will take you forever. Then wrap each nail and secure with kitchen foil for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Remove one or two nails from the foil and gently remove the polish with a wooden cuticle stick or orange stick and it should start to crumble away; if not it will need longer as all gel polishes are different.
    4. After removal, you will need to buff each nail with a white block to smooth.
    5. Nourish the nails with cuticle oil.

    If these steps are followed, your nails will be safe and ready to come and enjoy professional gel polish again!

  2. How to remove acrylic nails

    1. Cut nails down
    2. Immerse nails in a glass bowl with acetone for 20 min
    3. Try to remove the acrylic layers with an orange stick and file
    4. Keep immersing until the acrylic is nearly off
    5. File with a 240 grit file to remove the remaining acrylic
    6. Buff with a white block
    7. Nourish the cleaned nails with cuticle oil

    Safety tips:
    * Never put acetone in plastic to soak: It will melt!
    * Never pour the remaining acetone down the sink or toilet as it can melt pipes.
    * All chemicals should be kept away from children and pets.