My experience using two fat dissolving products

So, I decided to do fat dissolving under my chin that stubborn pouch of fat. I’ve got my bottled water to drink, to help flush out the fat through the lymphatic system!! Results are permanent! To help the process and for good results, it helps to eat steady and drink lots!!

  • What to expect?? Swelling, redness and possibly bruising immediately after, this is normal and can last for a week or so and sore to the touch!
  • What to avoid? Hot showers,baths for 24 hrs, creams or exfoliating for a week and don’t exercise for a while! Remember if your spending money to remove fat then why try and sweat the product out!!
  • How many sessions will you need? I’m afraid this varies 1-3 but sometimes more! It starts to work immediately!

I have two fat dissolving injection products:

  • AQUALAX (every 4 weeks)
  • MESO SLIM (every 2 weeks)

Both are very effective. Come for a consultation and find out more.

  • AQUALAX absolutely not for diabetic’s, pregnant or breast feeding some other contra-indications on consultation
  • MESO SLIM ok for type 2 diabetes

Please feel free to message me 
Prices are £200 per area, however for packages I can give considerable discounts for use in pictures

I will keep you updated with my own results

Love Jojo x