Opening event for former student Anna

Opening event for former student Anna who has opened her own funky vibe salon!! So proud of her , also Mollie and Lou also previous students who are all smashing it !!! Remember you are all winning either salons, cabins in your garden (like me) or even at home!!! YOU can do it?

Having trained so many girls that have now opened their salons and feeling proud !! Once again invited to a big open evening of another girl I trained. I remember her model was my own mother on the course who gave her a £5 tip, she’s come a long way and smashing it like others. THINK big dreams come true. ???

I do have to add to this post that opening a salon, opening a garden building or even having a set space in your home Is still WINNING! I train 100’s of students from my garden cabin and each student gets 100% of me!